About TFA

About TFA

Taiwan Fibromyalgia Association (TFA) was formed in 2017 by fibromyalgia (FMA) patients and their families from all over Taiwan. Their doctors encouraged them to form this advocacy group by obtaining the non-profit organization certification from the Ministry of Interior.

TFA’s goal is to build on a lasting support network between patients, medical professionals and scientists who have shown trust, solidarity and appreciation for more awareness for Fibromyalgia.

Our Mission

1. Create a platform for fibromyalgia patients to form a support network to share their experiences

2. Publish newsletter, educational materials, and videos for patients and caregivers

3. Support government and medical teams to promote fibromyalgia awareness and share the latest studies

4. Refer patients and their families to seek appropriate help from medical and social welfare groups

5. Encourage medical and social welfare groups to hold fibromyalgia awareness educational events

6. Hold social activities to foster support network among patients and their friends and families

7. Participate in the national and international fibromyalgia support groups and promote collaboration

8. Champion for more scientific research on fibromyalgia to improve patients’ quality of life