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This is a global advocacy from our fibro friend Krital Kent from US who started this petition with supports from several patient advocacy groups around the world. 100,000 signatures are needed to make this petition work!

There are 5 asks in this petition to Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and National Institutes of Health (NIH):

  1. Update their websites pertaining to Fibromyalgia information to promote better understanding of Fibromyalgia

  2. Improve continuity of care for patients with Fibromyalgia

  3. Improve medical providers understanding ofFibromyalgia

  4. Reduce the length of time (average 2-5years) to receive an appropriate diagnosis of Fibromyalgia

  5. Help promote better outcomes for those living with Fibromyalgia

Why is it important to sign this petition? CDC & NIH are two authoritative and most referenced medical websites by the health professionals around the world. When CDC & NIH update their information related to Fibromyalgia, it sends a strong signal that Fibromyalgia is an important topic. More research funding for Fibromyalgia to improve the wellbeing and quality of life.